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Question by molly: A guy is trying to sell his dog to a friend, the friend asks how much? the seller says 600 bucks. the guy says
why so much? the dog’s a mutt. the other guy say “yeah but he is real smart.” the potential buyer says “oh yeah? prove it.”
The owner says “ok. no problem.” He calls the dog. “Come here Rex.” the dog obediently walks to his master. “Rex, go down to the pond and count the ducks.” The dog takes off for the pond and is gone a few minutes. When he comes back the dog barks 14 times. “There. Ya see? He counted 14 ducks.”
The other guy told the owner of the dog that he would verify the number of ducks, Sure enough he also counted 14 ducks.
He came back and paid the 600 dollars for Rex the wonder dog. when he got him home he instructed Rex to go down to his pond and count the ducks. Rex immediately headed for the pond and was gone over an hour. When the dog returned he had a stick in his mouth which he deposited at his new owner’s
feet. He then began to hump the mans leg furiously. The guy got mad and called the previous owner and demanded his money back because the dog wasnt smart afte
after all. the former owner said he would come by and see what the problem was. when he got there he told the dog to count the ducks. Once again
the dog was gone over an hour and came back with a stick in his mouth, and again he started humping the guy’s
leg. “Ya see what I mean?” the new owner said. “That dog aint smart and I want my money back.” The former owner replied “no I wont refund your money because ol Rex is just tellin you that you have more f****** ducks than you can shake a stick at.”

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Answer by UNKNOWN
I dont get the last part

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So they say “laughter is the best medicine”…?

Question by KJ: So they say “laughter is the best medicine”…?
What is it that your dog does, or has done, that’s so ridiculous and funny that it’s got people talking?

My JRT mix runs around on 3 legs all the time. He even switches which leg he holds up. Every time he goes down the stairs he takes the last two on his front legs only. People always think he’s injurred, but after a thorough veterinary exam , it was decided that he does it to entertain himself. Which makes it all the more funny for us!!

How about your dog?

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Answer by soccerplayer
come again

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Where can I buy a DOG WEIGHT PULL?

Question by Alex: Where can I buy a DOG WEIGHT PULL?
Any website, or store product that would work just like them?
For an American Pit Bull Terrier, so has to carry a lot of weight, like 2000+ lbs.
Was going to build my own, but i think buying one would be easier. Where could I find one?

the sledge, cart, wagon, chariot, dolly, sled, whatever you call it.
i know where to get the harness.
the thing that holds all the weight that the dogs pull.
not the ones people sit in, but where the “cart” is flat and you put bricks or bags of heavy stuff so the dog can pull it.

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Answer by shadow wolf
I hope this helps you find what you are looking for.

Shadow Wolf

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Dog Finder (kunststof)

Ga samen de strijd aan. U verstopt een snoepje in de holle botjes. Deze botjes kunnen alleen in het zogenaamde sleutelgat worden opgetild om het snoepje te kunnen pakken nadat ze door de hond of kat zijn verschoven in de sleuven. Vele mogelijkheden om te variëren.

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