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Man Wears a Dog Shock Collar

Funny yet sad. No credits go to me for this video
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Bri is a BAMF! =D

Frontline Plus for Dogs – Small – Up to 10 Kg (22 Lbs) – 3 pk

Frontline Plus for Dogs – Small – Up to 10 Kg (22 Lbs) – 3 pk

  • Batch Number: F63210AL
  • Expiry Date: 06-2013
  • Kills adult fleas, flea eggs & flea larvae

Frontline products are highly recommended by veterinarians for flea and tick control for dogs and cats. For dog owners who want long-lasting, fast-acting flea, tick, and chewing lice control, Frontline Plus guarantees control on dogs aged 8 weeks and older. You only have to apply Frontline Plus once a month, so a 3-Dose supply will provide you with up to 3 months of convenient, highly effective flea, flea egg, chewing lice, and tick control.

Price: $ 27.74

creative dog photo ideas?

Question by christine: creative dog photo ideas?
im entering in a contest at macys “most creative dog photo”
i have a shih-tese, shes a girl and about 10 pounds
any cute creative ideas of photos i can take of her?

Best answer:

Answer by Joe C
Have it pee on a Michael Vick jersey

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How Do Republicans Feel About Their House Leader Tom Davis Comparing Their Party To “A Bad Dog Food”?

Question by Lola: How Do Republicans Feel About Their House Leader Tom Davis Comparing Their Party To “A Bad Dog Food”?
“a congressional GOP brand tied to George Bush is struggling”; “…deep seeded antipathy toward the president, the war, gas prices, the economy, foreclosures and, in some areas, the underlying cultural differences that continue to brand our party. The Republican brand is in the trash can…if we were dog food, they would take us off the shelf.” -Tom Davis

How do republicans on YA feel about these truths from thier own leaders?
*former house leader*

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Answer by Ruthless
Reps need to shore it up for election season and that’s exactly what these types of things are trying to do. Shore it up, get it together and move out.

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Pen Argyl absurd Dog Abuse charge

Animal Cruelty? This is the dog denied “necessary” veterinary care as alleged by the Pen Argyl Police, and thus I find myself charged with animal cruelty in April 2011. Never took Blue Boy to the vet, yet somehow he survived favoring his paw. The recovery will no doubt be judicially determined a miracle of God so the judge will have sufficient reason to jail me. Now the pre ordained conviction will be a first for Pennsylvania. Previously where people are charged or convicted of failure to render “necessary” veterinary care in PA, the pets have had their limbs amputated, had lost their eye, been caught in an animal trap, or have had to have surgery. Check it out at Wouldn’t be the first time a judge in the Northampton Count, land of the KKK and DA Morganelli, found contrary to law and fact where nonwhite families are involved. See here in Pennsylvania, Judges deal their own special brand of justice, sort of like when Judge Paula Roscioli deemed despite an all white jury or mostly white jury in April 2006 finding that Antonio McDuffie was not guilty of assault because Jennifer Hodge testified someone else assaulted her, Judge Roscioli determined contrary to the verdict that despite the jury believing there was reasonable doubt because Ms. Hodge testified someone else assaulted Ms. Hodge, Mr. McDuffie, (because he is black?), must have harassed her. Now when the criminal defendant is a white male and head of an all white family, Judge Roscioli strangely
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The news was reported in early July 2011. The Labrador’s name is Quito. Quito was given as a courtesy by Japan. According to the news report, Quito’s been retrieved by Taiwan Guide Dog Association. Thanks to the witness who video taped it. You’ve saved Quito’s life.
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Casual Canine Adopt Dog Collars, 10-16 inch

Casual Canine Adopt Dog Collars, 10-16 inch

  • Showcase a worthwhile cause every time you take a dog for a walk.
  • Red nylon dog collars feature a white ribbon overlay with our new adopt print.
  • Collars have plastic buckles and nickel-plated D-rings.
  • Coordinating leads are also available.

Collars are available in the following sizes: 3/8″ Collar adjusts to fit necks 6″-10″ 5/8″ Collar adjusts to fit necks 10″-16″ 5/8″ Collar adjusts to fit necks 14″-20″ 1″ Collar adjusts to fit necks 18″-26″

Price: $ 7.99

Arthritis Dogs – Arthritis In Dogs This video discusses arthritis in dogs and the three treatment modalities used to treat dog arthritis…
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