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What happened to Cesar Millan “Dog Whisperer)?

Question by Tana: What happened to Cesar Millan “Dog Whisperer)?
I love him man, haven’t seen his show in a long time.

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Answer by Bloody Heaven
it still plays

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Question by Amy O.: Is it Wrong to Put my Man (My Husband) on a Dog Leash???
My husband and I have been married for about 3 years. I’m a professional model while he is a lawyer. Our relationship is good except he has a wandering eye, and is known to sleep around. To prevent this when he is not at work and go outside together I make sure to put a dog leash on him. He used to hate it, but now he accepts it since the last time I let him off his leash he impregnated his secretary. He’s seeing a therapist for his “urges”. I’m doing everything for him especially when it comes to our sex life. We usually have sex 7 times a week at least but he always wants more even though I know after making love I tired him out. His therapist told me that he is a nymphomanic ( someone obsessed with sex) and actually went to a clinic to help fix his “problem”. Ever since he got out I put him on the leash for his own safety and for women in general. Some people say what I’m doing is inhumane but I think I’m doing the right thing! If he’s off that leash he’s bound to have sex!

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Answer by Al-Muslim-the person at peace
keep him on the leash, or divorce him.

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Question by Alfred Pennyworth: While watching NASCAR races, aren’t you tired of hearing the very stupid term “LUCKY DOG”?
Nascar & Nascar fans already take a lot of heat for it being a “redneck” sport. Why do they have to add to this by making it sound so stupid by using “lucky dog”? Why not just say “free pass” or something more descriptive? It’s almost pain in my ears when they say it. I rarely watch races anymore because of stupid terms like this.

The “Lucky dog” rule known as the Free Pass or officially the Beneficiary Rule is a NASCAR rule. The rule allows the driver of the next lapped car or truck behind the leader to gain back a lap during a caution. The driver is called to move to the end of the longest line of the cars at the end of that caution period. This rule was instituted to prevent drivers from racing back to the start/finish line when a caution was called.

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Answer by Jeffy.

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