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Q&A: Will this work for me and my dog?

Question by Farmer John: Will this work for me and my dog?
I’ve gotten a new poodle puppy and need to start training it right away. I’m looking at various dog training programs and am wondering if you have any experience with the “Hands Off Dog Training Formula Course”. If so, would you let me know what you think of it?
Why does asking for information constitute trolling? Is there something wrong with asking about this program?

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Answer by moondog
If by any chance you do have a dog then go and spend some time with it instead of trolling the forum.

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Homemade Dog Treat Recipes

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Homemade Dog Treat Recipes
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Homemade Dog Treat Recipes

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Hot Dog Carts

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How To Choose Dog Breeds

How To Choose Dog Breeds

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Sticky: Salmon Paws Dog Treats

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Few family jokes, try and let me know?

Question by Pd: Few family jokes, try and let me know?
The husband and wife watch boxing on TV.
The husband sighs and says:
“I am disappointed. Everything is over in 4 minutes.”
The wife responds:
“Splendid! Now you know, what I feel!”
“Dear” croaked a husband with an effort “I`m feeling uneasy. Call a veterinary, please.”
“A veterinary?!!!” asked his wife in surprise
“Because” answered the husband “I work as a horse, live as a dog and sleep with a cow!!!”
A morning dialogue. Husband:
“Honey, you know when I shave in the morning I feel 10 years younger”
Wife: “But can you shave in the evening then?”
Looking at his mother trying her new fur coat the little boy says:
“Mum, do you realize that this fur coat is the result of awful sufferings of a poor animal?”
The mother has a look at her son and answers:
“How can you say that about your dad?!!”

Best answer:

Answer by dazza2go
why do they bury mother-in-laws 18ft down?cause DEEP down they really are nice people!!!

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