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Oregon dog becomes sick after consuming peanut butter biscuit.(City/Region)(The dog’s illness is linked to the salmonella strain implicated in the national … from: The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR)

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Title: Oregon dog becomes sick after consuming peanut butter biscuit.(City/Region)(The dog’s illness is linked to the

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A look at some innovative and helpful toys and tools to use with your dog.

Question by Lila: I would like to start a small scale rescue “center” …focused on APBTs. (please read)?
I am an avid APBT lover. I own a 5 year old and he is great. I have owned, fostered, rescued and trained many dogs.
I would like to start a small scale rescue center. I would like to adopt 2-3 dogs at a time (meaning 2-3 in my home at any one time) and re-home them myself. I think that this way, the dogs will be able to socialize with other dogs, and children (we have a son) and run around while i am “fostering” them. I understand that i would have to know all of the info on the dogs such as temperament and story. I also understand that this will be a huge responsibility, but i believe i am up to the task.
I was a marine for 5 years and am now in College one night a week but it counts as full time….so im home all day for the most part. I live in a 2 story 3 br home with a large back yard that is fenced in by a 8-10 foot wood fence.
What do you think of this idea? What advice can you give me? do you think that the shelters and humane society would support my plan?
Im not sure what type of insurance would be required….we have 300,000 in Liability insurance

Best answer:

Answer by Julie
Many of the spca centers are always looking for people who will foster dogs and then re home them. You might check in an see what the requirements are.

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Family Dog: A Simple and Time-Proven Method

Family Dog: A Simple and Time-Proven Method

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Dog Food Secrets Exposes The Truth Behind The Dog Food Conspiracy

Dog Food Secrets Exposes The Truth Behind The Dog Food Conspiracy

Have you ever considered whether or not the dog food you are feeding your dog is actually good for his health? In light of recent tragic events, where thousands of family pets died or suffered serious health issues due to tainted pet foods, it’s something that’s been on many people’s minds.

Fortunately, there’s a resource available to help you answer that question. The e-book, “Dog Food Secrets,” goes into great detail explaining everything included in store-bought dog food products, and even suggests alternatives for feeding your dog a diet he needs to live a long and healthy life. It is an excellent reference for almost any dog owner, since it actually tells the truth about the practices dog food manufacturers are trying to hide.

Inside “Dog Food Secrets,” you’ll learn why store-bought pet foods are sold so inexpensively. While you think you’re getting a great deal on a huge bag of food, the fact is that most dog foods are made up cheap fillers, like rice and grains.

You’ll also discover that most commercial dogs food contain six deadly chemicals that have been banned from human foods because they cause such diseases as various cancers, liver dysfunction, diarrhea, hair loss and behavior problems.

Besides exposing the dirty little secrets dog food manufacturers don’t want you to know about, “Dog Food Secrets” also explains exactly what your pet needs to live a long a healthy life. With everything from lean meats to vegetables packed full of nutrients, your dog should be eating a well-balanced diet just like a human.

Inside you’ll learn how to supplement your pet’s commercial-food diet with better homemade choices. You’ll also find out how to read pet food labels and decipher the “double talk” most food manufacturers use. Because the author realizes that it’s unreasonable to expect pet owners to only provide a homemade diet for their dogs, he also shares the Top 9 best, nutritious commercial dog foods currently available.

And if all that isn’t enough, also included in the ebook are actual recipes for homemade, nutritious dog food. These tasty recipes contain many choices your dog needs to stay healthy and more, and you can even save a great deal of money doing it this way. Provide your pet with a diet full of only fresh ingredients, and you will no longer have to worry about spending money on a bag full of grains and fillers that provide your pet no nutritional value.

Unfortunately, “Dog Food Secrets” isn’t free. You must purchase the ebook in order to have access to all the useful information. However, it is worth every penny to have access to this useful guide. Not only does it expose you to the harm that store-bought pet food can cause, but it offers alternatives for keeping your pet healthy for a long time to come.

While making a decision to provide your pet with a natural diet seems like a big decision, there really is no need to complicate things. The most important thing to remember is to combine animal proteins with vegetables, pasta, cereals and other foods to give your animal all the nutritional benefit he needs to have a healthy, long life.

Discover more Dog Food Secrets and how feeding homemade dog food to your pet can help it live a healthier, longer life at

A secret multi-billion dollar conspiracy may be responsible for up to 87% of dog deaths in the US. See it blown wide open in this video! If you love your dog, watch this video because the secrets it reveals can make the difference between life and death.

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Where did the term "Dog days" come from?

Question by Sassylady4Jesus: Where did the term “Dog days” come from?
Where did the expression, “dog days of summer” come from? And why dogs, instead of another animal, or something else?

Best answer:

Answer by Piper
It has to do with Sirius (the dog star) rising during the summer months. Google it and I’m sure you’ll find lots of info.

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